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MATH3131 S1 2019

MATH2930 S1


link to short course project material:

  • photoMetaData (downloaded from github)
  • columbiaImages (downloaded from github)
  • math3333projectsamplecode (acknowledgement:from online source)
  • Project description: 1) Read the reference paper to know the background information about the collection of the 800 Columbia images. 2) Use the sample code provided above to perform the basic glm analysis to predict the outcome. Here the outcome is whether or not the image is an outdoor picture. (note: change the file path name to your own, do not use your teacher’s computer path name.) 3) The predictors in the sample code are the 3 medians of the pixel intensities of the images. You need to develop a new method to extract the information from the image. A suggestion is to divide image into grids and get the median pixels of different gird areas. You may use other ways to summarize the pixel intensities. You are encouraged to use all the pixel information and then use variable selection method such as lasso to build a concise model. You are encouraged to use other methods we learned in this course to develop or modify the basic method provided in the sample code.



Postdoc research fellow:

Dr. Li Yaguang  (2019-2020) (co-supervised with Prof. Wei Xu)

Dr. Sagnik Datta (2017)

Ph. D. Students


Wang, Jiacheng, 2019-present (sole supervision)

Yuan (Adam) Zhong, 2018-present (c-supervised with Prof. Wei Xu)

Zhang Guanling, 2018-present (co-supervised with Prof. Yuehua Wu)

Hang Lai, 2015-present (sole supervision)

Lyndsay Roach 2019-present (co-supervised with Prof. Helene Massam)

Azadbakhsh, M., 2012-2017. (Co-supervised with Prof. Hanna Jankowski.)

Bai, H., 2011-2017. (Sole supervision)

Wu, Shicheng 2014-present (Sole supervision)

Li, Q., 2011-2016. (Co-supervised with Prof. Helene Massam.)

Cao, Y., 2009-2016. (Co-supervised with Prof. Huaiping Zhu.)

Xu, Y., 2009-2015. (Co-supervised with Prof. Xiaogang Wang.)

Pu, Q. 2005-2009. (Co-supervised with Prof. Yuehua Wu)

Master Students

Aigerim Kulzhabayeva, master student (co-supervised with Professor Helene Massam), 2020.

Hamed Helali, master student (survey paper), 2020

Konstantinos Ntentes , summer research project, 2020

Shu Yu, summer survey paper , 2018

Xiaodi Wu, summer survey paper, 2017.

Ng, J., research project, 2012.

Azadbakhsh, M., summer survey paper, 2012.

Zahiriabyaneh, A., summer survey paper, 2012.

Li, R., summer survey paper, 2012.

Sun, B., research project, 2009.

Wu, S., summer research paper, 2009.

Shakya, S., summer survey paper, 2009.

Sabeti, A., summer survey paper, 2007-2008.

Bai, H., summer survey paper, 2006-2007.

Gao, J., summer survey paper, 2006-2007.

Liu, R., research project, 2005.

Undergraduate Students

Gian Alix, summer research project 2020

Tibisay Diaz, summer research project 2020

Menelaos Konstantinidis, summer research project, 2019, 2020 (co-supervised by Dr. Lisa Le)

Qiao, Guanfu,  NSERC Summer student on research project, 2018 (co-supervised by Prof. Augustine Wong)

Lin, L., Volunteer Summer student on research project, 2009.

Lu, J., NSERC Summer student on research project, 2005.

Le, W. Undergraduate research project, 2005.